Joe Rogan Said He Used To Gamble On Fights He Was Calling

Commentator and podcast star Joe Rogan said he’s used his extensive knowledge of MMA for an additional “job.”

When the UFC started, fans barely knew anything about fighters, but Joe Rogan was getting paid to study them.

“I used to gamble on fights when I was calling them in the early days of the UFC,” Rogan said on his podcast. “Cause there was guys that would come in from overseas…and I knew who they were and I would gamble on them.”

“I was like, ‘is this bad?’ Like I’m commentating and I’m also gambling,” Rogan admitted. “I don’t know if that’s smart because I don’t wanna be biased.”

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Rogan made his UFC commentator debut in 1997. He knew the things almost no one else knew.

“Guys would come in and I would say ‘Oh my god, that line is totally wrong, this guy’s a killer.’ And we were at one point at 84 percent,” Rogan told his guest Bert Kreischer. “Where I was just giving him the tips and he was gambling, eight out of ten I would call them right.”

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