Joe Schilling Cleared Of Battery And Negligence Following Brutal Knockout At A Bar

Joe Schilling, a former GLORY fighter aged 39, has been found to have acted in self-defense by a Florida court following accusations of battery and negligence.

Justin Balboa was reportedly rendered unconscious following an encounter with Schilling at a Fort Lauderdale bar on June 27th, 2021.

In the video here, Schilling claimed that Balboa was causing a disturbance and using racial slurs, which is why he reacted.

“As you can see from this video, when he flexed on me I was scared for my life and simply defended myself against the evil in this world,” Schilling

In response, Balboa was seeking damages of over $100,000. Meanwhile, Schilling requested protection under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which permits individuals to defend themselves lawfully.

And now that the verdict has been given, David Katz, Schilling’s lawyer, has expressed his satisfaction.

“This is a complete and total victory for Schilling who was widely criticized on social media after this incident occurred. It’s also a lesson to those looking to make a quick buck by causing problems and claiming damages. 

“Florida law protects those who are forced to protect themselves and their loved ones and our law firm is here to make sure those who are forced to defend themselves do not suffer further in our legal system either by wrongful arrest or wrongful civil actions such as this case,” Katz

Despite that being the case, the social media response was mixed.

Social Media Reaction


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