John Fury Challenges Mike Tyson To A Fight

We can now add another name to the list of individuals who want to face off against Mike Tyson. John Fury, the father of WBC and lineal Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, is looking to take on “Iron” Mike.

Fury (8-4-1) took to Instagram to call out the former heavyweight champion. After ranting about his upcoming bout against bodybuilder Mickey Theo, the 55-year-old turned his attention to Tyson.

“I’m looking at Mike Tyson,” said Fury via talkSPORT. “Mike’s making a comeback; I don’t value my life at 50p but let me tell you something, Mike Tyson is worth doing charity with. He’s a proper king of a champion, a proper man tried and tested…I’ll fight Mike Tyson, he’s making a comeback. I know he mentions my boy’s name every five minutes, but here I am, John Fury is hiding from no man, not even the king of the old men Mike Tyson.”

“I will fight Mike Tyson; I will not be denied, I will die in a fight.”

This comes after Tyson (50-6, 2 NC) was shown hitting the pads with what looked like the same power he had in his prime. He stated he is ready to fight in exhibition bouts for charity. He has already received several offers to fight, including:

  • Australian boxing promoter Brian Amatruda offering him $1 million to fight Australian football and rugby stars.
  • Danny Williams expressing interest in facing Tyson in a rematch.
  • Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship offering him $20 million to fight for the promotion.

Fury made his pro debut in 1987 and ended his carer on a two-fight losing streak in 1995. Tyson made his professional boxing debut in 1985 and became the youngest world heavyweight champion of all time at 20. The last professional boxing appearance by Tyson was in 2005, losing to Kevin McBride.

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