John Fury Demands Answers

After his son went the distance against Otto Wallin, John Fury wants answers and wants trainer Ben Davison fired.

John Fury had told BT Sports: “He wouldn’t have even beat Alexander Povetkin on that performance. I’m being honest. He’s my son, but I’m a straight talker; that’s the worst I’ve seen my son. He needs to go back at the drawing board and see what’s gone wrong here.”

“That wasn’t Tyson. He was as weak as a kitten from the first round. Even looking at him in the first round, he looked softer than he usually does. If I had my way, the lot [Tyson’s team] would be gone. If they keep that team that will be his career [gone].”

Davison, who has trained Fury since his comeback began in late 2017, disagrees with the father of his fighter.

“Listen if Tyson was a kitten, he wouldn’t have been able to do twelve rounds like that,” the young trainer said in response. “It was his engine and experience, strength and size which was the difference there. Strength wise I was perfectly happy with it. The cut affected him a lot, he couldn’t see out of it, but he had to make out like he could see out of it.

“That’s why he made it a dog fight. Close the gap so he didn’t have to be able to see the shots coming. He got the job done. John is Tyson’s dad so of course you have to respect him, but Tyson was fully prepared, and you can’t do anything about sustaining a bad cut.

“Just because he’s gone twelve rounds it doesn’t mean he’s weak,” Davison continued. ” If he was weak, he wouldn’t have been able to do twelve rounds there. We worked in training camp for it to potentially be a dogfight because we knew that we might have to go there. Otto had heart and bollocks and tried to close the gap up and luckily we had prepared Tyson in case it went that way because that’s what he needed.”


Report: Boxing Scene

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