John Fury Gets Head Cut In Clash With Usyk’s Team

John Fury was left with a cut over his head after head butting a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s team.

Both camps have arrived in Saudi Arabia for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship on May 18. The winner becomes the first undisputed champion since 1999, when Lennox Lewis defeated Evander Holyfield. With both sides ready for fight week, the tensions escalated.

The clip above shows both camps shouting Usyk and Tyson Fury’s name. John Fury approaches a member of Usyk’s team and motions to headbutt him, but he comes off worse with blood pouring. It was a cut reminiscent of the one his son Tyson had sustained in sparring, which saw the February 17 date being called off. Tyson will hope to avoid cuts, unlike his father, on fight night. 


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