John Fury Goes After Jake Paul At Mayweather-Deji Card

Jake Paul and the Fury family have never been on good terms.

The tension is rising between Jake Paul and the Fury family.

The youngest Fury, Tommy, fought Rolly Lambert on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs Deji. And out of nowhere, the Problem Child appeared on the commentary desk and started passing remarks on Tommy.

During the bout, Paul spent most of the time mocking Tommy for his modest showing. The Problem Child wasn’t done here as he was heard voicing abuses at the Fury corner in between the rounds as well.

The fight went the complete six rounds, but nothing was able to separate the two fighters in contention as the bout ended in a majority draw.

Fury wasn’t able to finish the job inside the rounds and didn’t seem to hurt Lambert during the bout. Paul ascended to a new level of jeering as he enacted sleeping between the rounds.

Things escalated after the end of the fight when Paul insulted John Fury’s physique. This caused the eldest Fury in the building to rip his shirt off, demanding Paul fight him that instant.

Paul didn’t flinch and invited John Fury to have a throw-down.

The Problem Child was due to face Tommy Fury early in the summer, but visa complications resulted in the cancellation of the fight.

Tommy has once again called for rebooking of the bout, but Paul hasn’t shown an interest.

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