John Fury Sparks Chaos By Hurling Tables At KSI Vs. Tommy Fury Presser

John Fury launched a table during a rowdy press conference for KSI and Tommy Fury’s upcoming fight.

The two fighters will square off on October 14th, 2023, in another mega event for Fury following his win over Jake Paul.

On the same card, Logan Paul will take on Dillon Danis as the latter makes his boxing debut.

During the course of the presser, however, the tension increased as KSI accused the Fury camp of ducking Oleksandr Usyk in reference to Tyson Fury choosing to face Francis Ngannou instead.

Thereafter, following a series of insults, things got out of control as Fury let loose.

“Full of s**t. Full of s**t. Shut up motherf****r. Come fight me now instead of talking all this bulls**t about people’s f*****g bulls**t. We are fighting men. My son (Tommy) will fight him (KSI) now and then fight anyone else who wants it.

“Now, lets get the f*****G ball rolling. Get the cake and shove it up your asshole before I do it. All these little f******gkids. I am a machine. Me Can anyone question who I am here? I will take them,” John Fury said 

Fury threw and kicked a table, and a brawl almost broke out. Security intervened to separate the two camps, as PRIME bottles were thrown.

In response, Logan Paul praised Fury for going out of his way to promote the fight. 

“John Fury is a legend, he’s a real legend. Yeah I love that guy, just an icon like wow, wow. He made that real chaotic spice, that’s what the people want.

“I know for a fact, John Fury knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a wizard, he’s been in this game for so long, he’s knows and sells fights. So yeah if he wants to smash a few tables, let him go for it,” Paul

In the aftermath, however, Fury did apologize for his antics.

“Good morning people just want to make a quick apology for my inappropriate language yesterday [Tuesday]. It’s unacceptable I accept that, but emotions run high, we get involved and it is the fight game, it was pandemonium,” Fury

Nevertheless, many boxing fans suggested that Fury’s actions took the shine away from his son’s boxing. And in doing so, they ridiculed Fury’s behavior.

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