John Gotti III Banned For Six Months Following Ring Brawl With Mayweather

The Florida State Athletic Commission has banned John Gotti III for six months for his brawl with Floyd Mayweather in the ring following their exhibition bout.

The duo faced each other on June 11th, 2023, from the FLA Live Arena as Mayweather dominated the fight.

And things took a turn for the worse in the sixth round when referee Kenny Baylis stopped the bout as both fighters refused to tone down their verbal exchanges.

Thereafter, the onlookers were taken aback as Gotti wildly swung at Mayweather, who was on the ropes, as both fighters saw their teams jump into the ring.

The situation further escalated with reports of trouble in the crowd, as well as backstage. With that being said, Gotti has been punished with a hefty ban.

“The DBPR Florida Athletic Commission took immediate action the evening of Sunday, June 11, and suspended John Gotti III for six months,” a representative for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation said. 

Mayweather, however, was not involved in any post-fight troubles, which is why the boxer was not handed a punishment.

But when he was asked about the incident, he was alleged to have said the following: “Man, that s*** was crazy.”

The ban is unlikely to do anything to improve the relations between Gotti and Mayweather, as the former did brand the undefeated boxer an ‘enemy for life.’

So much so that he even tagged Conor McGregor in his post-fight comments on social media in the form of getting some ‘back-up.’

But that animosity could end up creating a rematch.

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