Johnson/Borg Re-Scheduled For UFC 216

Per Combate, it seems that the UFC 215 Main Event is back on as it will be Demetrious Johnson taking on Ray Borg for the flyweight championship. Though, hours after Demetrious Johnson was supposed to fight Ray Borg in the main event of UFC 215, Johnson was on the same plane out of Edmonton with his would be opponent and his entire team.

Borg  was pulled out of the scheduled bout last Thursday due to a viral infection. Johnson, the UFC flyweight champion, was attempting to break Anderson Silva’s UFC record for most consecutive title defenses with eleven if the fight were to occur.

When speaking with Ariel Helwani, Johnson was asked if Borg came up to the champion at any point from the terminal in Edmonton, to their final destination. Johnson said that Borg didn’t say anything to him.

“He didn’t even look me in the eye.”

The fighter and gamer known as “Mighty Mouse” is not bothered by that, though. The only thing he wants aside from his money is a quick turnaround. The UFC is hoping to reschedule the fight for UFC 216 on October 7th in Las Vegas.

“He doesn’t need to call me. He doesn’t need to text me. He doesn’t need to tweet me or anything like that. Just get healthy and then we can make this fight happen. That’s the only thing that needs to be said and that I’m gonna say. Sh** happens and if he has a hard time cutting weight, I think UFC and USADA should consider him going up to 135.”

Johnson said he doesn’t know whether it was an illness as Borg’s camp claimed or a weight cutting issue and is unconcerned by that.

“You know what? I have no idea. All I can do is what I do best — get ready for my fight and hope he shows up. The biggest thing when I hear that is I definitely better win this f*cking fight. We can’t have an unreliable champ. I gotta go out there and put this man away and make sure you guys have a champion that’s always gonna show up, always gonna fight and is always gonna make weight.”

Johnson was the UFC’s first flyweight champion in 2012 and has held the belt every day since then. His run as titleholder rivals that of any previous champion in the history of the UFC. Johnson, 31, is regarded by many as being one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time.

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