Jon Jones Bulks To 270lbs For Heavyweight Debut

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones says that he will reach 270 pounds, then cut back to 260lbs before he debuts in the heavyweight division.

Speaking to MMA Junkie at the UFC Hall of Fame event, Bones explained that he has decided to gain more weight to match the likes of other heavyweight juggernauts.

Earlier, Jones’ new manager, Richard Schaefer, had said that the fighter will reach 275 pounds, but Jones clarified that the maximum weight he will reach is 270lbs.

“My goal is to go to 270 pounds. The goal is to become the most technical, well-conditioned and strongest [fighter] of all the heavyweights,” Jones said. “That’s what I want. I want to take over all across the board and that’s what I’ll continue to work for.”

He’s currently 255 pounds.

The UFC veteran has been training for months to transition into a heavyweight fighter. He vacated his light-heavyweight crown, which now belongs to Jan Blachowicz.

Francis Ngannou is set to defend his heavyweight title against France’s Ciryl Gane. Jones shared what he thought of the title fight.

“Ciryl is so talented and great for the sport, but he is still relatively new and not a lot of people know him,” the former champ said. “But if Ngannou doesn’t come through, then a lot of money will be lost. I don’t mind taking on either of them. I just want the championship.”

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