Jon Jones Passed Post UFC 214 Blood Test

Jon Jones, who won the UFC light heavyweight champion at UFC 214, passed a post-fight blood screening administered by USADA on July 29. The negative test was administered just one day after Jones’ urine screening, which was positive for the anabolic steroid Turinabol.

In addition, Jones passed a pair of out-of-competition USADA drug screenings on July 6 and July 7, the former a blood and urine test, and the July 7th test being a urine test.

Jones, 30, defeated Cormier via third-round knockout at UFC 214 to reclaim the UFC light heavyweight title that was stripped from him in 2015 due to his role in a controversial hit-and-run accident. In 2016, Jones was also stripped of the UFC interim light heavyweight title after testing positive for two banned substances, clomiphene and letrozol, prior to a planned rematch against Cormier at UFC 200. Jones served a maximum one-year suspension for the failed test, which USADA found to be the result of a tainted sexual performance enhancement pill.

Jones’ potential failed test on July 28 ahead of UFC 214 could sound the death knell for Jones’ as he would face a four-year suspension as a multiple-time offender. Jones’ agent, Malki Kawa, adamantly defended Jones last week on The MMA Hour, citing the discrepancies between testing results throughout the month of July.

“I’m encouraging everyone to go out there and take a look at the tests he passed and the test he failed,” Kawa said. “It’s a three-week window the month of the fight. Jon has passed seven unannounced tests, and the one he’s going to fail is the one that’s announced? It’s weird to me, there’s a lot of things here that don’t add up, and to the UFC, it doesn’t add up.

The UFC knows. They look at his tests on the 6th and the 7th, and he passed both of those, there’s nothing in his system. So for him to start doing steroids, especially the steroid they’re saying he took, he would’ve had to have been doing that steroid for awhile for it to actually do anything. He just took it to take it? I mean, to me, there’s a lot of issues with this.”

Yet, it seems that there is a reason the tests are inconsistent

Jones is currently awaiting the results of his B sample, a process which is expected to take several weeks.


Original Story: Ariel Helwani, MMA Fighting

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