Jon Jones Wants To Fight In The Heavyweight Division. Here’s What Two UFC Fighters Are Saying About It.

Jon Jones has an aspiration to fight in the heavyweight division, but some fighters are sharing their thoughts on it.

Jones (26-1) is currently a light heavyweight. If he were to move into the heavyweight division, he’d potentially face guys like Ciryl Gane, Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic. Two fighters weighed in on Jones’ hopes.

Israel Adesanya, king of the middleweight division in the UFC, thinks that Jones will never compete in the heavyweight division. The Last Stylebander talked with Ariel Helwani and said Jones is “getting fat for no reason.”

“F**k, he has been saying it since 2013. You either get it done or you don’t,” Adesanya told Helwani on The MMA Hour. “I jumped up (to light heavyweight) within three years of being in the company, and I jumped in the division ahead of me. The guy who was up there respects me. He’s the champion up there and he gave me my props.”

“I just think that it’s not something that anyone can do. And he’s getting fat for no reason now,” he added.

But Daniel Cormier, former double champion of the UFC and former rival of Jones, thinks that Bones can compete in the heavyweight at a high level.

Cormier said that Jones is the guy who will be the biggest problem for such a moving opponent like Gane.

“Jon Jones is the guy that present the most problems to Ciryl Gane. Why? Jon Jones has fought at 205 pounds,” Cormier explained on the “DC & RC” show. “Jon Jones has the skill of a little guy. Jon Jones has seen athletes before.”

Cormier also recalled his defeat against Jones.

“Jones beat me twice, I’m an athlete, he’s seen the speed, he’s seen the foot movement, the angles,” Cormier continued. “He’s had to deal with a guy like that before. Now can he handle that at a weight class above? I don’t know. But, I truly believe Jones is one of the guys who truly gives Gane problems, but I don’t know who beats him. Francis Ngannou has his hands full.”

The last time Jon Jones graced the octagon was against Dominick Reyes. By that time, Reyes was undefeated, but Jones managed to defend his title in the light heavyweight division.

After that, he vacated the title and announced his debut in the heavyweight division. There were many rumors that Jones was going to fight against Ngannou or Miocic. Those fights have never happened.

Jones was offered to share the octagon with former heavyweight champion Miocic, but he refused the offer and preferred to wait for his title shot in 2022.
Jones is the No. 1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter for a while, so he might get his title shot in his debut fight in the heavyweight division.

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