Jonas Retains Her IBF Welterweight Title In A Controversial Split Decision Victory Against Mayer

Natasha Jonas retained her IBF Welterweight Title with a ‘controversial’ split decision win over Mikaela Mayer.

Jonas started the fight well in her hometown, landing her left, as her hand speed and quick footwork puzzled Mayer for the first two rounds. The challenger grew into the fight as she pushed Jonas to the ropes and let fly with her combinations to the head and body in the fourth. Mayer increased her work rate, attempting to walk down Jonas.

Both fighters landed in rounds six and seven, with little respite between the rounds. Mayer showed clear success in the eighth, landing clean hooks to rock Jonas backwards. Both fighters’ faces were marked up, but Mayer appeared to shade the exchanges.

As the bout entered the last round, Mayer threw everything she had. Jonas attempted to clinch as her left eye was swollen. But the disparity on the scorecards showed how the fight divided the judges: 96-94, 97-93 and 96-95. Jonas was delighted with the win, outlining how this was her last year in boxing. As for Mayer, the challenger was disappointed in a fight she felt she should have won. 


“We always knew it was going to be tough. Me and Ben [Shalom] know how hard it has been this year and we are so grateful for everyone who is here tonight. Everyone on this card tonight is so grateful for you coming out and spending your money. It takes two to tango and I know Mikaela Mayer will be gutted.

“She is in the top two people who I have fought. Please use this as motivation to get the title you deserve and become a two-weight world champion. I need opponents like her to bring the best out of me. I’d like to thank Ben [Shalom] because without him, I didn’t know where my career was going. He’s invested in me and made me the fighter that I am. Thank you to my training partners coming in over Christmas and helping me stay a world champion,” Jonas said 

“You could see at the end I thought I did enough to win. I would have given her the first round or two. I think that fight is one the fans want to see again. I didn’t have a rematch clause on my side but I hope we can do it again. It’s disappointing but what am I going to do? I just hope that Tasha will be the stand up champ that she is and give me another shot. I knew from the first 10 seconds of the fight that it was going to be a great fight. Half way through I was thinking this is fight of the year,” Mayer stated

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