Jones Manager Denies “Snitching” Rumors

Following the announcement that Jon Jones will be eligible to fight beginning in late October, many in MMA were perplexed by the suspension going from a potential four years, to a backdated 15 months.

The reason was due to a USADA rule which allows Jones a significant reduction in sentencing, but only if they’re able to provide “substantial assistance” to USADA in ongoing investigations. Which was thought to mean that Jones was “snitching on teammates.

“I can just tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Jon did not tell on any teammate,” Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa said on “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.” “Jon did not tell on anyone in MMA. Jon did not do anything that these people are saying he did. So, all that, ‘He’s a snitch’ and all that stuff, we can put it to bed. He did not do that.

“There’s other things that took place in here. There’s other things that Jon did with himself. There’s things that USADA – and the arbitrator and everyone involved – got from Jon about Jon that they had never had before.”

USADA spokesperson Danielle Eurich cited the earlier rule in a statement to MMAJunkie. Eurich reiterated that Jones’ reduction is contingent on his continued cooperation.

“Importantly, if the athlete or support personnel fails to continue to cooperate and provide credible substantial assistance, USADA will reinstate the original sanction,” Eurich said. “These rules set out in are crystal clear, and if they are not met, an individual would not be considered for a reduction based on substantial assistance.”

Per a deal signed with USADA five days prior to the arbitration, Jones must continue to cooperate with USADA to make the reduction permanent, though it does not supply a specific time frame.

When Kawa was asked about Jones continued cooperation, he told Helwani that he’s unsure of the limits on time but knows that Jones is not looking to rat on his teammates.

“It’s not like Jon sits in a room somewhere and watches people do steroids, and then he’s like, ‘Hey man, guess what, my teammate over here is doing steroids,’” Kawa said. “Jon goes and trains, gets his stuff, and he goes home. He doesn’t take a shower there. He doesn’t really hang out there. He comes in, does his thing, and he leaves. So, he doesn’t sit there and hang out like that, or would know about anyone that does that. He doesn’t do that. So, when people say these things, to me, it’s a funny thing.

“I’m assuming if Jon’s name comes up in something, and he was to know something, he would have to be cooperative with them. But I don’t know of a deal where it’s like, ‘Hey, we’re going to continue to’ – I don’t know about that. That’s not how it went down. I don’t want to assume anything or have this turn into a disaster all of a sudden. But from what I understand, a lot of the stuff they were talking about had to do with him – not other people.”

Initial Report: MMA Junkie

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