Jones Unaware Of Strip Club Assault Charge

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, has once again found himself in trouble with the law, charged with assaulting a waitress in a strip club.

Jones, who defeated Thiago Santos earlier this month at UFC 239, was unknowingly charged in April for the assault that took place at TD’s Eubank Showclub  in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

According to KRQE 13, in New Mexico, a cocktail waitress met with local police in her home, claiming that the UFC star slapped her inappropriately, and pulled her down to his lap and kissed her neck, while she was at work.

The alleged victim told officers that Jones placed her in a chokehold and then picked her up off the ground. Jones also is alleged to have continued to touch the waitress after she told him to stop up until he left the scene.

UPDATE: TMZ would update the story on Monday morning, utilizing information given by the alleged victim to the police.

Jones was with his brother, NFL player Chandler Jones, and the issues began when Jones insisted the waitress dance for her, she explained it is against club regulations. The woman then told officers that the fighter grabbed the woman onto his lap and began to kiss her neck.

During the chokehold, Jones and his brother would have light conversation with the waitress, but then he released her, “picked [her] up off the ground and turned her around in the air and was roughhousing with her.”

After that, the woman claims Jon “placed her down by the bar and slapped her genitalia, which the waitress told Jones that he could not do that,  and “if he was going to smack her, he need [sic] to pay her $100 which she told Jones approximately two times.”

The Albuquerque police would then charge Jones with assault, but per Jones’ spokesperson, the UFC light heavyweight champion had no idea of the charge.

Court records indicate Jones failed to appear at a bond arraignment for the charge in June, forcing a bench warrant to be issued for his arrest.

The Albuquerque Metro Court’s online records indicated that a letter was sent to Jones’ listed address, but was bounced back by the postal service.

“Today, the media told Mr. Jones about a false accusation launched against him and that paperwork had been sent to an incorrect address,” Jones’ spokesperson James Hallinan, told KRQE News 13.

“However, after receiving the documents from the press, Mr. Jones immediately went to pay the small fee, and he, and multiple witnesses, stand ready to factually refute the malicious lies being told about him to the public.”

Since Jones went to pay the cash bond on Sunday, his warrant has been lifted. APD says they never arrested him because they’re not normally made aware of petty misdemeanor warrants like this.

This is Jones’ third issue with the city’s police, dating back to 2015, when the light heavyweight champion was convicted of leaving the scene of an accident, when he crashed into a car being driven by a pregnant woman.

The next year, Jones would be pulled over for drag racing, and then would be filmed by police cursing and being frustrated with the situation.

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