Jorge Linares Thinks He Will ‘Teach The Student’ In Devin Haney

Jorge Linares feels he has what it takes to pull off an upset victory over Devin Haney.

Linares will challenge Haney for the WBC Lightweight Title this Saturday night, May 29. Linares once held the WBC Lightweight gold and he’s hoping to do it again on fight night. At the age of 35 and with 52 pro boxing matches under his belt, some believe Linares’ best days are behind him. “El Nino de Oro” isn’t one to entertain the naysayers.

Speaking to Jorge Ebro, Linares said he thinks the experience factor will give him the edge over Haney (via

“I have had many experiences and now I feel that the teacher is going to teach the student. This is a great fight and I feel very positive about this tremendous opportunity. It will not be an easy opponent, because nobody is. Haney’s style is clean, pretty. I don’t know if he’s going to be a warrior with me, on the inside, but I hope we have a very nice fight, but obviously, there will be only one winner and it will be me.

“When I came back against Carlos Morales, I showed that there is still a lot left on my end. I survived the pandemic and now I’m going back to Las Vegas to show that I can still be a lightweight world champion. It’s a great challenge, but it’s something I’ve already experienced. I feel ready to go back to the top again. I am satisfied with everything I have achieved in my career.”

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