Jorge Masvidal Backs Nate Diaz To Beat Jake Paul – ‘Jake Will Run’

Jorge Masvidal has backed Nate Diaz to beat Jake Paul in their upcoming boxing match on August 5th, 2023.

The pair face each other in what promises to be a mega-crossover event. Paul will be looking to bounce back following his first-ever defeat, which happened to be at the hands of a professional boxer, Tommy Fury.

Meanwhile, Diaz left the UFC after beating Tony Ferguson. With that being said, Masvidal is adamant that Diaz’s experience will help him secure victory.

“Jake’s obviously a lot younger than Nate. Nate, in his prime, I think smokes Jake. But Nate’s been out of it for a while.

“I don’t know what type of shape his lifestyle’s like outside of a serious training camp, and he hasn’t been in a training camp in a while.

“Jake’s been competing and Jake’s naturally a lot bigger, but all that being said, I think Nate just finds a way to tough-guy it out and just beat up Jake and break him down. I think Jake will run a lot,” Masvidal

Nevertheless, Paul has shown that he has a stellar record against non-professional boxers.

Victories over Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley prove just that, which is why Paul will be looking to do the same.

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