Jorge Masvidal Mocks Conor McGregor’s Whiskey Brand

Jorge Masvidal is trying to get a fight with Conor McGregor, which he thinks would be the biggest fight in UFC history.

In – what seems to be – another attempt, Masvidal posted a video of him using McGregor’s Proper 12 whiskey to clean a cut on his foot.

“Got a little cut on my foot, jumping in my pool doing backflips and front flips. It doesn’t heal up because, ya know, f–ng keeps getting damaged when I go on the wrestling mats and s–.

“So I needed some rubbing alcohol or something like rubbing alcohol and we don’t have none in this house and then my brother had a bright idea – look at this cheap-a–, f–ing s–.

“Somebody was giving it out on the street. Gonna pour it on the cut real quick because that’s probably all it’s good for, ya know? Cheap a– whiskey. This s—doesn’t even sting, this s– is f— trash, bro. What’s the content of alcohol in this s—, bro?”

Masvidal has accused McGregor of avoiding a matchup because he thinks the Irishman is afraid of him.
Both fighters are on losing streaks, but still have hype around them.

Masvidal last suffered another loss against his former teammate Colby Covington in a five-round battle.

McGregor is still recovering from a broken tibia, which he sustained last July against Dustin Poirier. He suffered two losses in a row against Poirier.

The former champ-champ projects a return to the UFC in either late summer or early fall. He wants to fight against Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title or anyone in the welterweight division – Masvidal is a welterweight.

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