Jose Aldo: McGregor Will Take The Money And Run

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, UFC fighter and Conor McGregor rival Jose Aldo doesn’t think McGregor will be able to top the 40 year old Mayweather in two weeks in Las Vegas.


“There is no way McGregor can defeat Mayweather. Mayweather has done this his entire life and it’s a different sport.”

The comments were made this past Saturday night, while Aldo was taking in the Vasyl Lomachenko fight at the Microsoft Theater.  Amid the evening, Aldo claimed that McGregor may be done after August 26th. Going as far to say that ,“after Mayweather, when he gets lots of millions of dollars, he’ll probably never fight again.”

The full story, along with comments from UFC President Dana White can be read here

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