Josh Taylor Suffers Foot Injury, Postponing Jack Catterall Rematch Again

They were "locked in" for March.

Another roadblock has hit the rematch between Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall. 

Taylor reportedly suffered a tear on the arch of his foot, pushing back his anticipated rematch with Catterall once again, Boxing Scene and ESPN reported over the weekend. In December, the second meeting was “locked in” for March; it was originally expected for February 2023, which would have been exactly a year after their controversial first bout. 

“Hopefully the rematch—it depends on the recovery of the injury. It’s a torn tendon on my foot,” Taylor told iD Boxing.  

“It’s not one I can rush the recovery time is just going to have to take its time. We’re talking at least six to eight weeks just before I get back on my feet, back to training, putting any kind of pressure on my foot. 

“It’s very frustrating. I was fired up for this fight. I wanted to do this fight. I was flying in the gym, everything was good, weight was good, sparring was good, everything was going really well. And then I got hit with a hell of a blow, unfortunately, just one of these things that are out of my control. These things happen, unfortunately. Yeah, I’m gutted.” 

This isn’t the first time that Taylor was injured in the weeks leading up to his defense against Catterall. 

In October 2021, Taylor had to withdraw from the mandatory title defense on December 18 due to a knee injury that he sustained during training. That fight was then delayed to February 26, 2022. 

In that fight, Taylor retained his undisputed super lightweight title via a questionable split decision.  

Both boxers had their moments, but Catterall had clear control in a majority of the bout. At the end of the eighth round, Catterall dropped Taylor, and though the champion was able to get back up, Catterall still visibly won the round. 

Taylor was still named the winner. Throughout the months after, Taylor has vacated his WBA, WBC and IBF titles to be left with the WBO strap, which leaves his single tie with Catterall, who is the top challenger of the organization. 

Due to Taylor’s injury, it’s unclear if the fight will officially be postponed or if Catterall will take on a stay-busy fight. It’s also unclear when Taylor can make his ring return. 

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