Josh Taylor Vows To Stop Teofimo Lopez – ‘I’m Going To Knock Him Out’

Josh Taylor has promised to make Teofimo Lopez quit or suffer a knockout in their super-lightweight fight on June 10th, 2023.

Much has been said between the fighters in the run-up to the bout. Taylor had walked out of an interview involving Lopez as the exchanges were fiery.

The latter then generated a huge controversy when he vowed to ‘kill’’ Taylor in the ring. But rather than apologize and backtrack on those remarks, Lopez doubled down on them.

And now Taylor is keen on using that for fuel to come out victorious on Saturday night.

“All that does for me is gives me more fire in my belly, more desire to give him a real doing, a real pasting and really hurt him. 

“I feel I’m going to knock him out or retire him. I’ll give him that much of a beating and accurate punching that’s going to bust him up so bad,” Taylor 

And in order to get himself in prime shape, Taylor has taken extra steps to avoid any moles in his camp.

This is something that Ryan Garcia had to contend with, as it turned out that his body-shot injury in camp had been leaked to Gervonta Davis

That is why Taylor is leaving nothing to chance. 

“He’s from just over the water, Brooklyn Bridge so I don’t want any sneakies in here and having a sneak peek and spying. We’ve turned the cameras down.

“It’s one of those things where you trust no one. They’ve been very accommodating and welcomed us with open arms, but we just don’t trust anyone and don’t want to open the doors.

“We want to keep it closed now it’s getting to the real serious end where we’re working on specifics. We’ve closed it down and made sure no one could see anything to get let out,” Taylor


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