Josh Taylor Vs. Jack Catterall Rematch Delayed Until June

Fight delayed due to Taylor's foot injury

The much-anticipated Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall rematch has reportedly been delayed until June. 

When the pair first clashed last year, Taylor was declared the winner by split decision. However, the overwhelming consensus was that Catterall should have been given the win, having outboxed an out-of-sorts Taylor, who was being picked off at will. 

The uproar from the decision increased the public pressure to run it back, as Catterall was deprived of what would have otherwise been a historic rise to becoming undisputed.

While Taylor has vacated three of the titles since then, with the WBO super-lightweight belt only on the line, it nevertheless gives both men an opportunity to remove any lingering doubts over who was the better fighter. 

The fight was originally scheduled for March 4th 2023, but Taylor’s foot injury had caused that to be cancelled. 

Nonetheless, the battle is still intended to take place at the OVO Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Scotland, which is the same location as the initial match.

As of now, there is no exact date set, but based on what Taylor’s promoter Bob Arum has said, it seems the event will take place in June.

When speaking about the injury, Taylor said: We’ll fight when I’m ready to fight. I’ve got an injury, and that was it really. Injury happened through the week there on Monday, but I’ve been trying to pull through it and see if I could carry on training, but I couldn’t.

“I went to see the specialist, and it’s a pretty bad injury, so I can’t rush the recovery. I’ve just got to wait and see how long it takes to recover. It’s hugely frustrating. I was fired up for this fight, ready to go.”


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