Josh Taylor Walks Out Of Interview With Teofimo Lopez

Josh Taylor lost his cool as he walked out of an interview involving Teofimo Lopez.

The duo face each other on June 10th, 2023, as Taylor puts his WBO title on the line. Both fighters have plenty to prove following their last performances.

Taylor’s victory over Jack Catterall was controversial since the majority of the boxing community felt that he came second best. Meanwhile, Lopez’s victory over Sandor Martin was far from convincing.

So in an attempt to redeem their careers with this fight, Lopez appeared to get the better of the mind games as Taylor cut short his interview.

And this was reflected in the dialogue below.

Taylor: “I think I’ve already got his fans, to be honest.”

Lopez: “Yeah, yeah. For everybody, I’m grateful for this opportunity. This is what we do. This is how we do it, and this is why we call ourselves ‘The Takeover.’ This fight right here will solidify in the worldwide takeover. 

Taylor: “I’ve had enough of this guy.”

Lopez: “June 10th on ESPN. Get your tickets now.”

Taylor: “I’ve heard enough of listening to you. Off and on, what a lot of s**t. I’m offsky. I’ll see you on June 10th.”

Lopez: “He’s on his way out. 30-years-old. He’s got to leave. All good, but we stay.”

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