Joshua: I’m Facing the Best Heavyweight

Some may consider Andy Ruiz Jr.’s win over Anthony Joshua a fluke or a case of extremely good luck, but Joshua feels he is facing the best heavyweight on the planet when they rematch on December 7.

In their first encounter, which took place at New York’s Madison Square Garden on June 1, Joshua dropped Ruiz in the third round, only for Ruiz to storm back and drop Joshua twice in the round. Ruiz then put Joshua down to the canvas twice in the seventh for a TKO, earning Ruiz the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles, and handing Joshua his first professional loss.

“My fights are the elite of the elite and are top of the crop,” Joshua said during their London press conference on Sept. 6. “That little bit of motivation of fighting someone who has the skill-set and is the champion. It’s not like I’m fighting someone as a stepping stone to a champion. We can’t overlook Andy and his talent and his success in the ring as I’m fighting the best out there right now. In my opinion, Andy Ruiz is the best heavyweight out there.”

Joshua added that it’s given him extra motivation for the rematch, and he’s confident he will regain his status as the best heavyweight on earth.

“Once I’ve got my purpose of life organized, I can do anything and that motivation will be the same,” Joshua said. “Put me on the street to clean graffiti off the wall, I want to make sure my graffiti cleaning is better than yours — and that’s just my purpose in life. So motivation isn’t just about boxing.

“I’ve got to make a few changes in my lifestyle now to correct and align them again so I align my stars so, come December 7 I’m shooting straight and I know where I’m heading. And that’s towards those titles that at the minute are just out of reach, but sooner or later I’ll be able to touch them again.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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