Joshua On Ruiz Loss “Nothing Was Wrong with Me”

“Never nothing wrong,” were the words Anthony Joshua uttered after making his way to the Hulu Theater early Sunday morning, hours after his loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. “Never nothing wrong.”

Many saw Joshua not as himself during the course of his first career loss, with fighters like David Haye and trainer Teddy Atlas claiming Joshua was “uninterested” during the course of the fight.

“Nah, it’s my own fault,” Joshua said. “It’s my own fault. My own problem what I’m dealing with here.”

“I don’t underestimate anyone,” Joshua said in reference to the new unified world heavyweight champion.. “He’s a decent puncher, decent fighter. It’s his chance, isn’t it? And I always say like, anyone that comes to box me boxes 15, 20 percent better than what we’ve seen. It’s funny because, as a fighter, as I said, I don’t overlook anyone. But it’s easy to overlook someone because of their shape or their record or whatnot. But these guys are coming to win, and he was the better man tonight. He done his job.”

“What I learned from that situation is rather than try and block it out, naturally you’re gonna speak about Wilders, Furys. Naturally you’re gonna speak about Dillian. So, if people are gonna ask me about that, I’m all ears to it and I’ll give you the answer. It’s rude of me to say I’m not answering that question. So, I’ll give you the answer and that’s how it is. So rather than try and block out the fact that there’s other competition out there, I keep my eye on the prize and say, ‘Ruiz is who I’m fighting, but these are the guys I still wanna compete with.’ You know what I mean? It don’t stop. That’s why I say I ask Eddie [Hearn] what’s next?”

Report: Boxing Scene

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