Joshua: People Interpret Ruiz Loss How They Want

“As long as you know where you stand with your sh*t, good and bad, that’s all that matters,” that is what Anthony Joshua said to those who believe he was “relieved” to have lost to Andy Ruiz Jr on June 1st.

“People are always going to interpret the story however they f***ing want… as long as you stay true to yourself and know where you stand in a situation, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

One critic, former world champion David Haye, believes that Joshua could win in a rematch with new unified world heavyweight champion,  Ruiz Jr, but it will be risky.

“I think he can win the rematch but he has to change some things in training,” Haye said last week. “But it’s heavily risky to take an immediate rematch.

“If he went and had a couple more fights I think he would have a much better chance in the rematch. I really want to see the rematch and I’d like to believe it was a fluke. But I rewatched the fight and everything Ruiz was doing was calculated and well thought out.”

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