Joshua vs. Ruiz Live Results

WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua will compete in the United States for the first time tonight, as he faces the challenge of Andy Ruiz Jr. at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Joshua was originally scheduled to be challenged for his unified heavyweight titles by Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, who is from nearby Brooklyn. Miller, however, failed three drug tests and was not granted a license to fight by the New York State Athletic Commission in mid-April.

This will be Joshua’s eighth consecutive world title fight, his fifth straight with at least three world titles and his second defense holding four championships.

The 22-0 former Olympic gold medalist won the IBF championship with a win over Charles Martin in 2015 before adding the WBA and IBO titles by scoring a finish of Wladimir Klitschko in April 2017 and the WBO title with a decision over Joseph Parker in March 2018. Joshua’s most recent fight came back in September when he retained his championships with a seventh-round TKO of Alexander Povetkin.

Ruiz accepted the fight with Joshua less than two weeks following his most recent outing, a fifth-round TKO of Alexander Dimitrenko on a Premier Boxing Champions card back on April 20. Ruiz has won three straight and has been victorious in all but one of the 33 fights in his career.

That one loss came in Ruiz’s only previous world title opportunity, a December 2016 bout with Parker for the then-vacant WBO title. Parker eeked out a majority decision in a fight some felt Ruiz had won.

The undercard will also feature championship action, as WBA/IBF/WBO Female Lightweight Champion Katie Taylor and WBC Champion Delfine Persoon will do battle to be called the undisputed champion of the division. WBA (Super) Super Middleweight Champion Callum Smith will be in action, facing the challenge of Hassan N’Dam.

FIGHT SPORTS brings you live coverage of Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr.!

WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO Heavyweight Championship: Andy Ruiz Jr. def. (c.) Anthony Joshua via TKO (Rd. 7, 1:27)
WBA (Super) Super Middleweight Championship: (c.) Callum Smith def. Hassan N’Dam via KO (Rd. 3, 2:56)
For the Undisputed Female Lightweight Championship: (WBA/IBF/WBO Champion) Katie Taylor def. (WBC Champion) Delfine Persoon via majority decision (95-95, 96-94, 96-94)

WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO Heavyweight Championship: (c.) Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr.

Round 1: A couple of jabs from Joshua to start. Double jab from Ruiz.  A long jab from Joshua, but he misses a hook. Low left from Joshua, who works the jab before Ruiz fires off a combination. Joshua lands a left. Joshua lands to the body. Ruiz throws a couple of punches and he’s backing up the champ. Ruiz continues to jab. Joshua misses a left. Ruiz lands another jab. Joshua lands a counter right and follows up with a left hook. Jab by Ruiz. Three-punch combo by Ruiz. A couple of jabs from Joshua, followed by a left. Joshua lands a jab.

Round 2: A couple of jabs from Ruiz to start the second round. Ruiz gets inside, throwing hooks as he tries to counter Joshua’s clinch. Jab by Joshua, who is getting pushed back by Ruiz. Joshua working the left jab. Ruiz throws a left jab of his own. Ruiz still on the attack. Slow-moving round here, with each man showing off their jabs and straights. Exchanging with about a minute left. Right hand by Joshua, followed by a hook. A couple of left jabs from Ruiz.

Round 3: Joshua misses a hook. A couple of jabs from Ruiz. Joshua throws a right and Ruiz attempts to fire a flurry, but Joshua drops Ruiz with a counter shot! Ruiz gets up but eats a right hand and continues to get pounded on by the defending champ! But Ruiz fires back and lands a sharp left hook by drops Joshua! Joshua gets back up but he’s still unsteady! Ruiz attacks but there are several clinches as the time winds down. Ruiz is continuing to back Joshua up. Hook by Ruiz. Joshua working the left jab to the body. Big left hook to the head by Ruiz and he’s continuing to pound away on Joshua, who is trapped in the corner! Joshua gets knocked down just before the bell! Joshua beats the count and will see round four!

Round 4: Ruiz firing away to start the fourth round! Jab to the body by Ruiz! A big counter left hook by Ruiz. Straight by Ruiz. Ruiz pausing, looking like he’s trying to pick his shots. Ruiz goes downstairs. Pace has greatly slowed halfway through the round. Joshua aims for the body now. Both measuring the other for a big shot. Two jabs by Ruiz. Left hand by Ruiz. Ruiz ducks a hook from Joshua. A jab from each man.

Round 5: Straight by Joshua. Ruiz lands to the body. Left by Ruiz. Ruiz misses a left jab, but he lands another. Ruiz narrowly misses a big overhand right. Counter right by Joshua. Ruiz lands a punch. Ruiz throws a jab to the body. Joshua throws a couple of straights to the body, but he then lands a hard hook. Clinch by Ruiz to avoid trouble for now. Combination by Ruiz, but he doesn’t land much. Right hand by Ruiz gets through.

Round 6: Each man lands a hard jab to start the right hand. Ruiz avoids a right. Jab from Joshua. Ruiz tries to answer but Joshua gets away. Ruiz lands a right hand upstairs and then lands a counter punch. Ruiz attempting to walk down Joshua once again. Hook from Ruiz results in a clinch. Body shot from Ruiz, followed by a couple of hooks from Joshua. Ruiz aiming to the chest again, and he is backing Joshua up again. Another shot to the head by Ruiz! Ruiz lands a one-two. Ruiz aims for the body but Joshua avoids it and clinches.

Round 7: Hooks from both men to start, but Ruiz’s lands cleaner and Joshua goes down again! Third knockdown for Ruiz! Joshua smiles as he gets out of the corner and aims for the body. Joshua lands a hard jab but Ruiz drops him once more! This is four times! Boxing history might be made here! THE FIGHT IS OVER!!! ANDY RUIZ PULLS OFF THE UPSET AND IS THE NEW UNIFIED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Official Result: Andy Ruiz Jr. def. (c.) Anthony Joshua via TKO (Rd. 7, 1:27)

WBA (Super) Super Middleweight Championship: (c.) Callum Smith vs. Hassan N’Dam

Round 1: Circling around the center of the ring. Left by N’Dam. Right uppercut by Smith. Left jab by Smith. Small combination by Smith. N’Dam lands inside. Smith misses with the straight, left hook by N’Dam. Straight by N’Dam. Combination by Smith, featuring his jab and a hook. A couple of rights from N’Dam. Jab by Smith. Right to the body by Smith. Combination by Smith. N’Dam tries to come after Smith and he is cracked by a left hook! N’Dam is still hurt getting up and he falls down again, but the referee rules it not a knockdown! N’Dam sees the second!

Round 2: Smith on the front foot, but he is keeping his distance well. Smith drops N’Dam with another hook! N’Dam gets up and is now trying to fight back, looking to get on the inside and get some power. A couple of right hands from N’Dam but Smith is getting at the body. The two clinch up against the ropes and have to be separated by the referee. Smith continues to aim for the body. N’Dam throws a combination, but as Smith attacks, he gets very defensive. Jab by Smith. Jab by N’Dam, who is trying to circle around the ring. Another clinch and break before the bell.

Round 3: N’Dam continuing to circle around but he is already being put on the back foot by Smith. N’Dam lands a right. N’Dam shows the left,  but doesn’t fire much. N’Dam looking to get the power shots, but Smith lands a couple of more hooks. N’Dam’s back is to the ropes but he is moving his head well. N’Dam trying to get on the inside and he lands a right. Combination by Smith is meant by another couple of hard punches from N’Dam. Right hand to the head by Smith and N’Dam is rocked once more. N’Dam is still trying to fight and he gets off the ropes. Another right hand and N’Dam is dropped once more! He’s hurt badly! He gets to his feet but there’s no way he can continue. The ref waves the fight off!

Official Result: (c.) Callum Smith def. Hassan N’Dam via KO (Rd. 3, 2:56)

For the Undisputed Female Lightweight Championship: (WBA/IBF/WBO Champion) Katie Taylor vs. (WBC Champion) Delfine Persoon

Round 1: The two exchange at the start. Combination by Taylor, as Persoon misses with the left. Another combination by Taylor but Persoon pushes the pace. Taylor gets a hook. One-two missed by Persoon. Clinch up and Persoon delivers a couple of shots. Taylor delivers a left. Persoon moves forward and lands a jab, but Taylor is doing well avoiding the pressure. The two clinch up, throwing wildly before the bell.

Round 2: Each throws a straight, with Taylor throwing a big combination. Clinch. Three-punch combo from Persoon. Jab from Persoon. Three-punch combo from Taylor. Persoon tries to come back but lands a right. Left-right from Taylor. Counter right by Taylor. A shot from Persoon. Taylor goes to the body, but Persoon lands upstairs. Persoon doesn’t get all of an uppercut, but lands with another one, firing away until the bell.

Round 3: Both willing to get in on the inside, throwing wildly before they have to be separated. Another clinch, with Persoon’s back being pushed to the ropes. Persoon lands to Taylor’s face but Taylor gets rough on the inside. Both ladies throwing punches in bunches. Combo by Taylor, with Persoon missing counter shots. Right hand by Taylor. More wild throwing until the bell.

Round 4: Jabs by Taylor to start. Taylor with a body shot. Both getting inside again and have to be separated once more. The referee warns both women. Persoon is throwing more, but Taylor is landing more. Taylor throwing a big combination, mixing her levels. Persoon is swollen under her eye. Combo by Taylor. Right hand by Taylor, but she is forced to back up to move out of the way of an uppercut. Jab by Taylor. Three-punch combo by Taylor. Persoon landing a couple of shots. An accidental clash of heads and there’s some blood on Persoon.

Round 5: Taylor throws a right to start. Persoon on the front foot, but Taylor throws wild. Taylor’s back is to the ropes and now it’s Persoon’s turn to throw a flurry. Persoon throws, but Taylor, however, fires back and gets her back away from the ropes. Persoon lands a left to the head and Taylor looks tired at this point. Another clinch and separation. Persoon landing a couple of right uppercuts inside.

Round 6: Combination by Taylor. Persoon misses with a hook, but continues to pursue. Fight’s pace has slowed a bit here. Persoon is getting aggressive and she is eating some counter punches from Taylor. Another clinch and separation, with a warning for a punch to the back of the head. Taylor lands a jab and is moving well. Persoon throws a few straights.

Round 7: Taylor hooks to the body. Taylor throws a combination. Combinations from both women, not much landing. Another combination from Taylor, as Persoon taunts and tries to go inside. Taylor lands a couple of shots to the head. Persoon moving forward, working the jab but not landing much. Right hand by Persoon and now she’s landing well. Taylor throws a hook but Persoon being smart.

Round 8: Persoon continuing to come after Taylor aggressively. A couple of lefts from Taylor. Persoon scoring upstairs, including a right hand that has rocked Taylor. Persoon lands a hook and she is getting in on the Irish-born boxer. Taylor tries to land a right, but Persoon is able to counter. Persoon is keeping her distance well and she can land.

Round 9: More clinching early on. Persoon breaks to breathe, and her eyes is swollen up BAD. Hook by Taylor that rocked Persoon, and Persoon tries to land an uppercut as Taylor makes her comeback. Persoon misses an overhand. More scrapping throughout the round, both dirty boxing inside more. Taylor trips, not ruled a knockdown but she does look tired. Exchanging in the center of the ring as the round comes to a close with Persoon as the aggressor.

Round 10: Both fighters touch gloves to start the final round. More exchanging to start. A couple of lefts from Persoon. Combination by Taylor. Persoon with a jab. Counterpunch by Taylor. Each throws a hook. Persoon lands a few times on the inside. Persoon working the jab throughout the round. Another combination from Taylor. Taylor lands a strong right, but she is gassed and Persoon is pounding away! Both throw wild until the final bell! What a fight!

Official Decision: (WBA/IBF/WBO Champion) Katie Taylor def. (WBC Champion) Delfine Persoon via majority decision (95-95, 96-94, 96-94)

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