Joshua’s Freestyle Rap Impresses Louis Theroux

Anthony Joshua showed off his freestyle rapping skills to reporter Louis Theroux as he got behind the microphone.

The heavyweight is known for his boxing skills, having previously been the unified heavyweight champion. But this time around, Joshua showed off another side to his demeanour when Theroux appeared at the gym where Joshua began his boxing career in North London. During their interview, Joshua opened up on his desire to become a three-time heavyweight champion. Thereafter, Joshua was also asked about his love of music. As Joshua admitted that he does engage in freestyle rapping, the boxer was put to the test as the following video showed.

Joshua: “Me and Louis in the kitchen, having coffee and tea, you know that back in the day I’ll be whippin’, big pimpin’, Range Rover dippin’, me and my ninjas never slipping’, trigger finger you know it stays itchin’, I just put the clip in,” Joshua

The moment triggered a lot of laughter from Joshua, who turned the tables on Theroux by requesting that the reporter do the same, as he responded with the following.

Theroux: “Here I am with my man, AJ, I’m asking questions, getting all crazy, in a minute we’ll get in the ring, watch me ’cause I can sting.

“I can throw a left, I can throw a right, put you down alright all night, you’ll be with your feet layin’ out, no doubt.”

This is not the first time that Joshua has shown his skills outside of boxing. As we have reported previously, the boxer displayed his American football skills while he attended the Atlanta Falcons vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game on October 1st, 2023. Before the game had begun, Joshua threw the ball into the crowd to show off his throwing arm.

But moving forward, Joshua’s aim will be clear: to become world champion once again and to reach the heights that once made him such a feared opponent.



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