Judo Is All About Respect

“Without respect, there is no trust.”

That is what is taught at an early age to all judokas. One of the eight values of judo, respect is one of the reasons why opponents bow or shake one another’s hands after a match. It also applies to the things you have been taught to lead you towards the future.

The International Judo Federation is looking to show how respect helps with your overall skills.

“Judo has taught me many things in my life,” two-time World Champion Ilias Iliadis stated. “To be a correct human being, to respect others, to appreciate everyone, and generally, what I am today is because of judo. That’s why I’m here today and why I’m by judo’s side.”

Hear more from Iliadis as well as Abe Uta and Timna Nelson-Levy in the above video.

This all correlates with the latest celebration of the values of judo via the Great 8 contest. Kids of all ages can participate via the attached link.

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