Julianna Pena Skeptical About Amanda Nunes’ Knee Injury Before Fight

Amanda Nunes said she suffered a severe knee injury during the preparation camp, but Julianna Pena said she doesn’t care.

Pena managed to dethrone the No. 1 ranked pound-for-pound female fighter, Nunes, from her bantamweight throne.

In the first round, Nunes dominated, but in the second round, she gassed out and went into unnecessary exchanges. Pena took her back and was forced to tap after locking a rear-naked choke.

Just a days before, the former bantamweight and current featherweight champion Nunes claimed that her camp was a real “mess” because of suffering Covid-19 and injuring her knee at the same time.

Pena said nobody forced her to fight.

“It’s a tough situation for me to hear that because I’ve torn both my knees out. I have come back from two devastating knee injuries,” Pena said.

“So, in one regard, I hear you, girl. I feel ya. I 100% know exactly what you are feeling like, you know. I have had that time off to reconstruct my knees, and to build them back, and to still be competing at the highest level that there is.

“So, my knees are not an excuse to say I shouldn’t have shown up to the fight. If your knees are bad, don’t fight,” added Peña. “Nobody’s forcing a gun up to your head. Nobody’s making you do this. So, if you want to say that it was because you were injured, don’t take the fight, that’s fine.”

Pena and Nunes will take their rivalry to “The Ultimate Fighter” and coach against one another. After that, they’ll have their rematch, reports said.

Pena also might have the opportunity to with Valentina Shevchenko.

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