Julianna Pena Will Have Fan In Corner As Part Of Exclusive NFT Experience

Julianna Pena is giving fans opportunities to be in her corner during her next fights.

She is starting an NFT project, which will allow fans to witness behind-the-scenes action, and one winner will get the opportunity of being in her corner during the fight.

“This is super fan’s opportunity to be a part of my fan club, basically,” Pena told M.M.A. Mania. “You’re going to get to see exclusive video content, pictures, things that — there’s a ton of stuff that I don’t share on my social media, and it’s probably because I’m more on the reserved, private end. But if these people join my superfan club, they’re going to get to see behind-the-scenes access, things that nobody gets the opportunity to see,”

“One lucky member on this special drop will get the opportunity to walk out to the Octagon with me,” she continued.

“This has never happened before. They’re literally going to get to experience being in the back room, walking out to the corner, being in my corner, and basically being there and experiencing it in real-time. The only thing that they’re not gonna have to do is get punched in the face.”

A cigar club membership, access to her training camps, and even one-on-one training with her are some other benefits of joining the “Venezuelan Vixen” fan club.

Pena shocked the world when she defeated the No. 1 ranked pound-for-pound female fighter, Amanda Nunes.

She was a massive underdog in that bout, but still, she earned a second-round submission victory.

The UFC has already booked their rematch for July 30, which will headline UFC 277.

“I’m expecting a million differences from her,” Pena said.

“She went back to the team that got her a win with Ronda Rousey, she closed off her camp, she went back and watched that film and saw a lot of great things that she did in the first fight.”

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