K-1 And TRY HARD Sever Ties

Following rumors of major changes coming to the organization, this week K-1 made an announcement of a shocking shakeup that will have a direct effect on their K’Fiesta.1 card in March.

In a story first reported by Liverkick, K-1 producer Mitsuru Miyata confirmed that K-1 Japan and the TRY HARD Gym had parted ways, with the fighters no longer working with K-1. The official announcement comes days after TRY HARD fighters took to social media to post negative comments about the company.

The gym which features fighters such as Ryuji Korio, the Anpo brothers, Shintaro Mitsukura, and HIROYA, will walk from the company following a contract dispute, which now has pulled the evening’s main event as Tiaga, a TRY HARD fighter has also departed the company.

K-1 also confirmed that they will be looking for a new opponent for Takeru for the vacant Super Featherweight Championship and will be making an announcement shortly.

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