Kakuryu Tops Fall Tournament Standings

In the new rankings released for the upcoming Autumn tournament, Kakuryu was at the top of the list. The Mongolian yokozuna is looking to return to the form he had when he won back-to-back tournaments earlier this year, and show he’s fully recovered from an elbow injury in July.

In the other bracket, Hakuho looks to reach a record 41st championship, and also returns from an injury suffered in July.

Kisenosato will be competing for the first time since January, as an injury suffered in his first match as a yokozuna, have kept him away from the sport for nearly a year.

“Once more I want to gather all my strength and determination,” Kisenosato said. “The key is being able to perform in peak condition. I want to do my utmost until the tournament’s final day.”

Initial Report: Japan Times

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