Kamaru Usman: Leon Edwards Almost Lost To Nate Diaz, Costing Him A Title Shot

Leon Edwards has fought 10 times since facing Kamaru Usman and never suffered a loss. But the last minute of his last bout against Nate Diaz cost him the title shot.

Usman, the current welterweight champion, said Edwards doesn’t deserve a title shot after nearly being beat by Diaz.

“That was an audition… You audition for me, then I decide if it’s you or that guy,” Usman said to Daniel Cormier. “Myself and the promotion we’ll sit down and we’ll say, ‘I like this audition tape. Let’s go ahead and pick him next.’ And he went out there and he was auditioning and for a while he did okay.”

“But then, all of a sudden, the 25th minute, you sh-t the bed. You can’t do that,” he added.

At UFC 263, Edwards and Diaz fought for all 25 minutes, but the last minute was the most brutal one. Diaz landed a huge cross against Edwards and almost finished him.

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However, Usman is not the only person who thinks Edwards doesn’t deserve a title shot because of this.

Many fans remember only the last minute of the fight when Diaz nearly nabbed another upset in the UFC.

“Someone has to keep it real with this guy. At the end of the day we know – let’s be honest here – we know this is a business. This is a partnership between us and the promotion,” Usman added.

“In a partnership, you got to give them something to work with. You gotta give them something to sell. And they have thrown you bone after bone after bone. Let’s just be honest, based on that last performance, you can’t go out there and do that with Nate Diaz. You can’t do that.”

Usman will defend his title against Colby Covington for the second time at UFC 268 while Edwards and Jorge Masvidal will finally fight inside the octagon.

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