Kamaru Usman Says He Broke Hand Weeks Before Colby Covington Rematch

In their rematch bout at UFC 268, Kamaru Usman broke his right hand just three weeks before facing Colby Covington for the second time.

That’s what Usman told Full Send Podcast on Wednesday.

“I broke it before the fight,” Usman said. “Most people didn’t know that. I broke it three weeks before and I didn’t throw it a day until the fight itself.”

“I broke it on someone’s head,” Usman added. “Justin Gaethje’s head. We spar together. Same coach, main training partners-slash-big brother, little brother-slash-two assassins in the same place. He gets the better of me sometimes. Justin Gaethje’s a savage.”

Covington and Usman held a close battle when they shared the octagon for the first time. Then they met the second time.

In the second round of the second battle, The Nigerian Nightmare almost earned the second TKO victory against Covington, but “Chaos” managed to survive after receiving such a brutal punch.

“I wouldn’t say, ‘pissed.’ I was a little disappointed [that I didn’t get the finish],” Usman said.

“It’s weird, I was in the back and the whole time I just manifested, I’m like, I’m gonna knock him out. I’m so much better than him now, I’m gonna knock him out. But what I realized too is that I haven’t thrown my right hand in three weeks leading up to this fight. It takes timing.”

“So I get in the fight and I’m going, ‘Damn, I just can’t find him with that right hand.’ But that’s because my timing wasn’t there, but the left hand I was finding him. He’s tough, he showed how tough he was.”

The next title challenger for him might be Leon Edwards, who he already defeated early in his career. Edwards did not lose any bout since their first battle, earning nine victories.

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