Kash Ali Apologetic for Biting Price

Kash Ali has suffered several consequences for biting David Price in their bout last weekend in Liverpool, and Ali is trying to atone for the matter.

The British Boxing Board of Control has suspended Ali’s license and ordered him to appear before the commission. Ali’s purse of approximately £20,000 was also withheld.

After being picked apart through four rounds, Price rocked Ali in the fifth, and Ali tackled his opponent, where he bit him before the referee could step in and separate them. Upon seeing a bite mark on Price, the referee disqualified Ali.

Ali released the following statement to Sky Sports:

I would like to apologise for my unacceptable behaviour in my fight against David Price. I am sorry to all boxing fans, to my team, my family, the British Boxing Board, David Price, his team, and his family. I am hugely embarrassed for my actions and the way the whole fight unfolded. The occasion got the better of me and those who know me, including David, can testify that my behaviour on Saturday during the fight was not a true reflection of who I am.

I have had a conversation with David Price. I really appreciate the way he has shown great dignity in how he has dealt with the matter and has graciously accepted my apology. I admit that it was embarrassing for me, but I learned that nobody appreciates such poor behaviour.

Original Story: Sky Sports

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