Katie Taylor Erases All Doubts, Beats Delfine Persoon In Another Classic

Last year inside Madison Square Garden, Katie Taylor and Delfine Persoon put on a fight for the ages. The ending was deemed controversial and a rematch appeared inevitable. Competing inside another garden, they ended up putting on another fight to remember.

During the finale of “Matchroom Fight Camp” in Essex, Taylor beat Persoon once again, this time via unanimous decision. The judges scored the contest 98-93, 96-94, 96-94. As a result, Taylor retained her WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, and The Ring Lightweight Titles.

“I knew it was going to be a tough battle going into this fight. It’s never going to be an easy fight against Delfine,” Taylor stated. “I knew I had to dig deep at some stage during the fight but I thought I boxed a lot better than last time. I still could’ve boxed a bit more.”

With only two minutes each round to show what they can do, both fighters were hot right out of the gate. Persoon would chase Taylor around the ring, but the latter would land a stiff jab that put Persoon back. Taylor would then land counter lefts and rights as Persoon looked for inside shots to the head. Persoon would land a clear shot to Taylor’s face and would continue to throw volume punches throughout the night.

Opening round two, Persoon would throw stiff right hands and then a jab. A major theme of the night was her throwing wild shots, with most missing but several connecting. While she was reaching through and marching towards Taylor, Persoon suffered a huge welt under her eye. Taylor took advantage by aiming for the spot with combination shots. Persoon would hit inside shots but Taylor would land a few of her own.

Round three started with more combination shots by Taylor. While Persoon was looking to connect on several shots, Taylor’s head movement was stellar in the early rounds. Taylor would land clear shots and when she was on the inside she would throw multiple body shots. Persoon managed to hit a left hook that stunned Taylor and would follow with multiple jabs. Body shots would continue while Persoon would press forward with hits of her own.

Hitting the cleaner shots, Taylor would hit a three-punch combination to start round four. Persoon would end up hitting two jabs and a hook to the body, and would then focus on Taylor’s face. Taylor, however, ducked a big shot and landed a right hand. Huge jabs would follow and she would finish the round with combinations.

Throughout the middle rounds, it was noticed that Persoon was not making adjustments when it came to her balance. Reaching forward, Persoon would soon be hit by a left head and body shot by Taylor in round five. Another body shot and hook was thrown, and in round six Taylor hit an overhand shot. On the inside, Persoon landed shots to the body but Taylor was able to break free and land another left hook.

Round’s seven and eight seemed to be split between the two fighters. The first round saw Taylor land overhand shots and sharp cuts to the inside. Multiple combinations were being thrown by Taylor and she would then land blows to the head. Persoon would take advantage of a welt on Taylor’s head in round eight. While Taylor would hit overhands and rights to the body, Persoon would hit her own body shots as well as rights to the face. While it appeared that Taylor was down Persoon landed brutal shots to the head.

Taylor came into round nine looking to release some anger. While Persoon landed four-punch combinations, Taylor landed a crisp right hand and a left hook. She ended up cutting up Persoon’s face again as Persoon continued to try and push forward.

The end of the fight saw Persoon and Taylor trade combination shots. Persoon would land a counter shot to the body. Taylor would also focus on the body as Persoon landed a left hook. Overhand rights by Taylor connected and the two finished off the last fifteen seconds by trading shots. They embraced afterward after going to war once again.

Persoon (44-3) is now 1-2 in her last three fights following a 34-fight win streak being snapped by Taylor. Unlike the last contest, Persoon accepted the result of the bout.

“Yes, this time I respect the result,” Persoon stated. “For me this time, the weight was a little too much. I didn’t feel like I had enough power to hurt her this time. I tried to get my weight up but I could not hurt her this time. And if you don’t hurt her, it’s technical and she’s good at moving around. You have to hurt her otherwise she gets away. The power was not enough. I’ve got no problem with this decision and my respect she deserves.

Taylor (16-0) is now hoping to rest after keeping her titles and her undefeated streak. She was supposed to face Amanda Serrano before there were complications that nixed the bout.

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