Katie Taylor Vs. Amanda Serrano To Headline In Dublin On May 20th

After Amanda Serrano’s victory over Erika Cruz on Saturday night, it was announced that the Puerto Rican will face Irish superstar Katie Taylor once again, on May 20th in Dublin.

The World Boxing Association (WBA) named their first fight at Madison Square Garden, New York, on April 30 as the best of the year. They will now face off in Taylor’s home country.

In a real war this weekend, Serrano defeated Cruz to become the undisputed featherweight champion, so both competitors will be undisputed at the time of their rematch on May 20th.

In the first bout, the Taylor defeated Serrano, but not before experiencing moments of drama and almost falling to the canvas.

As a result of her ability to take advantage of the exchanges, and pour her heart into the fight, Taylor won the most rounds.

“It’s going to be great in Ireland to fight ‘Real Deal’ Amanda Serrano. This is amazing and the last fight was epic, so I expect no less from the next one.” -Katie Taylor at Madison Square Garden at the fight’s unveiling on Saturday.

Serrano has 44 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, and 30 knockouts, while Taylor has 22 career wins. She is undefeated and has knocked out 6 opponents.

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