Kayla Harrison Blasts Weight Cutting

Following two straight wins at 155 pounds, Kayla Harrison is open to moving down to 145 pounds, but is not looking to risk her health while doing so.

Harrison has stopped Brittney Elkin via submission and Jozette Cotton last week via a third round TKO, and while the PFL is light at 155 pounds , she is in no hurry to change weight classes.

“First of all, I don’t believe in cutting weight,” Harrison said this week on the The MMA Hour. “I think it’s terrible for your body, I think if you’re gonna win, you’re gonna win at whatever weight you compete at and I think it’s sending a bad message to young girls and young kids. I don’t want anyone, especially my niece or someone to think that to be thinner is to be better. I just don’t believe in that. You’re big, you’re strong, you’re powerful, that’s the message that I want to send.

“But I do realize that if I want to be considered the best in the world, I have to beat the best. And that person is at 145 pounds.”

Harrison feels MMA should follow the judo style of weigh-in, where the competitors weigh in the day prior to competition, and then have a random set of fighters weigh in the day of competition,

“I think the judo idea is a really good idea, the random next day weight check,” Harrison said. “Maybe not five percent, seven percent or something like that. You have these guys cutting 40, 50, whatever, pounds, I can’t even fathom cutting 50 pounds and then believing that I can step into a cage at my very best 24 hours later.

“Never mind physically how I would feel, but you have to think about — you’re not swinging a baseball bat. People are punching you in the head. You’re dehydrated, you’re also dehydrating your brain. What’s the number one thing that keeps your brain safe? It’s the water. To me, I’m surprised that commissions allow it as of now. I’ve never had MRIs or blood tests and all that to do a judo tournament. They do all these tests as commissions to make sure you’re healthy and you can fight, but they’re going to let you cut 50 pounds? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all.”

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