Kayla Harrison Laughs At Cris Cyborg’s Boxing Debut

Kayla Harrison and Cris Cyborg have been linked to a potential matchup for months.

The talks of this fight stem back to when Harrison became a free agent earlier this year. She nearly signed with Bellator for a fight with Cyborg before the PFL matched the offer.

Harrison will fight Martina Jindrová in the PFL women’s lightweight semifinals on Aug. 20. So far she has beaten Kaitlin Young and Marina Mokhnatkina this season.

Despite talks for a fight reaching a dead end, talks between Cyborg and Harrison recently started up again on social media, amidst Cyborg announcing her boxing debut.

The whole encounter started when Harrison mocked Cyborg’s choice of opponent for her first fight in the boxing ring.

“Oh the irony,” Harrison said. “17-21 (compared to) 14-0.”

Cyborg quickly responded, by going after Harrison’s ability to promote a potential pay-per-view.

“What irony?” Cyborg replied. “Your own manager said you can’t sell a PPV…if that isn’t a red flag.”

Harrison then brought up the potential fight again, pitching the terms.

“Then come take the money and find out,” Harrison said. “Winner can take all. On second thought, u can have my purse if U win. Keep yours when u lose b/c you’re gonna need it.

“And I’ll agree to full usada drug testing and u can juice to the gills. The only thing I ask for is elbows on the ground to be legal.”

Cyborg responded once again, laughing at Harris’ attempts to get under her skin.

Harrison then revealed that Cyborg had once again blocked her on Twitter.

“AGAIN!” Harrison tweeted with a screenshot.

The PFL is planning on launching a pay-per-view division in 2023, meaning that a grudge match between Harrison and Cyborg is not completely off the table.

After reading the back and forth between the two fighters, PFL co-founder Donn Davis decided to weigh in.

“Fans want the fight. Fighters want the fight,” Davis tweeted. I have watched and listened … [PFL] will provide all money and handle all matters [Harrison] v [Cyborg]. $1M each fighter + $2M winner bonus PPV Super Fight … no more talk … decide the best inside the cage.”

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