Kayla Harrison Responds To ‘Inappropriate’ Topics During Fan Q&A

Kayla Harrison appeared on the MMA Hour earlier this week and voiced her displeasure with a particular portion of the recent fan Q&A that she participated in.

Harrison cut ties with the PFL last year to achieve her goals of competing in the UFC. The former PFL star is now set to make her debut next month at UFC 300 versus Holly Holm, and the fans and media have been swarming her with questions as of late in anticipation of her first step into the Octagon.

Unfortunately, one individual during the fan Q&A asked lightweight competitor Arman Tsarukyan a question that referred to Harrison in a sexual nature, which clearly crossed the line.

“At one point there was a fan who came up and spoke to Arman in Russian.” Kayla Harrison stated on The MMA Hour reflecting on the UFC 300 fan Q&A. “Arman was getting booed the whole time, and we’ve talked about it and we’re fine. The guy asked him basically how many times would-, he asked a really inappropriate question about me. Arman answered it, and I looked like an idiot. I’m up on stage laughing and Megan Olivi says ‘Would you care to translate it?’ and Arman was like ‘No, it was a stupid question move on’.”

She continued, “Then in the next day I’m tagged in all of these Russian outlets with the translation of what he asked. It’s disheartening I think, it’s disrespectful. I’m a two-time Olympic champion, a world champion, I’m a mother, I’m an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, I wrote a book and I have a foundation. In that sense, it’s disrespectful that someone would even ask that question.”

“More than that, you would never hear a female get asked ‘How many times you have sex with Alex Pereira?’” Kayla Harrison concluded. “We don’t sexualize men like that. So it was disheartening.”

In an otherwise all around positive feeling surrounding Harrison signing with the UFC, the fact this discussion even needed to take place is a blemish on the situational excitement. Sadly, Harrison seemed all too used to these kinds of comments, which in the eyes of many is quite unfortunate given how hard she has worked, along with so many others, to legitimize women’s MMA.

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