Kayla Harrison Reveals All On Her Next Free Agency

With her current PFL contract coming to an end, Kayla Harrison is preparing for this off-season’s free agency.

Kayla Harrison Reveals All On Her Next Free Agency

While she has undeniably become the PFL’s face, there was a moment when it seemed she might leave the promotion and sign with Bellator or the UFC. After the PFL matched competing offers, she re-signed with them.

Has Kayla Harrison Quit The PFL?

At PFL 10, the promotion’s first pay-per-view event, Harrison will rematch Larissa Pacheco in the Smart Cage for the third time.

This match will conclude the lightweight seasonal tournament, which Harrison has already won twice, one of those times being when she beat Pacheco. It will also serve as the last tournament in which the Olympic Judoka participates.

“I have two more fights on my contract with the PFL. After Friday, I’ll have two more fights,” Harrison told The MMA Hour. “I think it ends sometime in 2023, and it ends immediately. There’s no matching; there’s no restriction; there’s no 30-days, nothing.”

It is still unknown whether Harrison will re-sign with the PFL. However, given the amount of outside interest she received the previous time she was on the market, as well as the fact that she no longer desires the $1 million tournament, it seems like she might be looking for a new path moving forward.

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