Kayla Harrison Wants To Snub PFL Tournament In Future

Harrison is en route to her third PFL championship.

Kayla Harrison, the two-time PFL lightweight tournament winner, has established her dominance in the PFL circuit in a period of six years.

Harrison is set to get another shot at the lightweight crown as she gears up to face Larissa Pacheco in a trilogy fight at PFL 10 later this month. This will be Harrison’s third appearance in the PFL tournament final, the previous two happened in the 2019 and 2021 women’s lightweight seasons where she cruised passed her adversaries to become the record winner.

Harrison, the former Olympic Gold medalist and world champion in Judo, has indicated that these year-long tournaments are taking toil on her health and that she might opt to sit out of such competitions in the future.

“Yeah, this will be my last season,” Harrison said.

“I’m 32. When I tell you that it is a mental and physical grind to get to this title, it certainly is. I can’t even imagine trying to make 145 pounds four times in six months. I think that is, for me.

Harrison has been unstoppable during her time at PFL.

The 32-year-old has bashed each and every one of her opponents on the way to the top.

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