Kayla Harrison Will Stay At PFL On One Condition

With 10 wins and no loss in her star-studded MMA career, Kayla Harrison has made it clear that she will sign with the organization that pays her the best.

The 31-year-old martial artist has been on a roll in the PFL, but she may not stay there for long unless the promotion goes the extra mile to keep her in.

“Those are my focus, and I know that if I do everything right and go out there and keep my head down and work hard that most likely I’ll be one of the biggest free agents, hopefully in the history of the sport, unless PFL comes to the table and offers me life-changing money,” the fighter told MMA Junkie in a recent interview.

“We’ll see what happens, but right now my focus is just to win these two fights.”

Harrison has shown interest in the UFC time and time again.

UFC President Dana White has always been open to signing the American judoka. He has made it clear that the organization is eager to hold talks with Harrison whenever she is ready for it.

Harrison has often lamented lack of top-tier female fighters in the PFL, which is why she wants to test herself at UFC if the price is right.

In an interview held in May, the American martial artist said that she will help put on big numbers for the UFC if Dana White is willing to splash the cash for her.

“I think that if Dana is ready to pay me a lot of money, I’ll make him a lot of money… I have stated many times, I’m ready to face the best in the world,” the PFL fighter said.

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