Keith Thurman Insists He’s Still In Prime, But ‘Been Out Of Work’

Keith Thurman has hit back at boxing experts who reckon that he cannot reign the welterweight division at this stage of his career.

The former unified welterweight world champion has admitted that he has been inactive in the recent times, but that doesn’t mean that he has not been honing his skills behind the scenes.

“I’m 33. I’m still in my prime, but I got to get my work in on my prime. I’ve been out of work,” he said on The Porter Way Podcast.

Thurman is preparing to announce his comeback to the ring with a win over Mario Barrios. They will share the ring on February 5 at the Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas.

Thurman had a hard time making weight for his 2019 fight against Manny Pacquiao.

“I lost 35 pounds to fight Josesito Lopez in 2019, and then I lost 35 lbs again to fight Pacquiao [in July 2019],” the Florida native continued.

“That was a big takeaway for me from 2019 is that my weight management was not proper, and from here on out, that is not going to be my story. I’m really going to be on top of that.”

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