Keith Thurman Motivated By Gervonta Davis’ KO Power – ‘Davis Showed Me’

Keith Thurman has been inspired by Gervonta Davis’ recent success in an attempt to get back at the top of the welterweight division.

Thurman is the former unified welterweight champion, having had the WBA title (2015-19) and the WBC title (2017-18).

While that may have been the case, ‘One Time’ has not reached those heights since his win over Danny Garcia.

A combination of injuries, inactivity and a loss to Manny Pacquiao hampered Thurman’s attempt to dominate the division.

And in his absence, both Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. have taken the belts.

However, in Davis, Thurman sees a fighter who adopts the same mentality as he once did: getting his opponents out of the ring.

Davis has 27 KOs in his 29 fights, as he remains unbeaten. Thurman’s last knockout was against Luis Collazo all the way back in 2015, even if he does boast an impressive 22 KOs from 32 fights.

With that being said, Thurman has been motivated by Davis’ approach in an attempt to gain the division’s respect once again.

“I never met a gatekeeper that had one loss in the sport of boxing. I stopped knocking people out, I started putting on the whole show but we’re gonna get back on those critical blows.

“Matter of fact, my motivation for dropping people is ‘Tank’ Davis. Tank Davis showed me that why ever give up when you have that one punch power, why ever give up on the exclamation point? Just do it.

“Throughout my career I was always labelled as a puncher. At a certain time, especially if you get to the 12-round level, if you want to stay at the top, you can’t be exposed [later on in the fight]. OK, ‘he’s dangerous for six, seven, eight rounds,” Thurman

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