Keith Thurman Tells Ryan Garcia To Look After His ‘Health’

Keith Thurman has urged Ryan Garcia to look after his health following his frantic social media activity. 

Garcia’s welfare has been subject to debate, with conflicting narratives over his mindset. The boxer first raised alarm bells when he said he was ‘high as f**k’ during an interaction with a fan on Live Space. Garcia was forced to address those comments as he admitted to smoking weed and drinking alcohol, ruling out drugs. 

Since then, Garcia’s social media posts have ranged from aliens to human trafficking. His father, Henry Garcia, has reassured fans that his son is fine. Meanwhile his ex-wife, Drea Celina, called on fans to pray for him. Now, Thurman has advised Garcia to look after himself.

The former Unified Welterweight Champion has struggled with his problems, fighting only once since 2019 due to injuries and inactivity. While his battle differs significantly from Garcia’s, the boxer urged Ryan to do what was best for him. 

“I just hope that he gets the help that he needs. Of course, nobody wants him to pull out of the fight, but I would have to say that right now it’s not the time.  Right now, if he’s not desperate for the paycheck, you might want to think about your own health and wellness and come back to the sport at another time. If this is just a small hiccup, then get it together, kid, and get ready to put on a world-class performance for the fans to see,” Thurman stated

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