Kell Brook And Shawn Porter Reveal All On Spence Vs. Crawford

Kell Brook and Shawn Porter have given their take on the Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford undisputed bout set to take place on July 29th, 2023. 

Both men have been in the ring with both fighters. Porter went the distance with Spence and lost via a split decision.

Meanwhile, a tenth-round stoppage against Crawford marked his last fight. As for Brook, he lost his IBF welterweight title to Spence via an 11th-round stoppage.

In contrast, Brook only lasted four rounds with Crawford before he was stopped. And given that both fighters are undefeated, there was very little to split between them when it came to Porter and Brook. 


“I think Errol brings calculated pressure and will go to the body. He will be the bigger guy in the fight. Crawford has to be sharp and use the entire ring and pick his shots at the right time and make Spence work when he doesn’t want to work.

“He has to be very clever and get the rounds and break him down over the fight. I think inactivity can be an issue and it’s mental for Errol, who might question his inactivity. Time will tell

“I think Terence is a very sharp and snapping puncher and Errol has a more grinding and thumping kind of power. That’s the difference I see in the two. We’re talking about two star fighters and it’s going to come down to a very small margin,” Brook revealed

Much in the same way, Porter saw very little to separate them. While that may been the case, he recognised Crawford as the better boxer, but Spence as having the better fundamentals.

But in doing so, the former world champion could not pick a winner.

“If you’re Terence Crawford, you have to get to Errol’s body and make him uncomfortable.

“If Terence is able to be comfortable and manage his energy, we have to start talking about him in the same breath as Manny Pacquiao, Andre Ward, and Floyd Mayweather.

“I don’t have a pick. I don’t know who is going to win this fight. This is what boxing truly is. Both guys have basically everything needed to win, from power to speed.

“I truly don’t think anyone can look at this fight and say, ‘That guy is going to win,’ because there are so many outcomes and possibilities,” Porter said

And this was the sentiment being expressed on social media with fans divided over who would walk out victorious. 

Social Media Reaction

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