Kell Brook Could Fight Manny Pacquiao-Says Ben Shalom

At the age of 36, Kell Brook retired from boxing last year, but he is now thinking about coming back to the sport, with speculation that he might fight Manny Pacquiao in an exhibition.

Following his victory over long-standing adversary Amir Khan, the time seemed right for Brook to walk away from the sport. And yet, the ex-welterweight champion may come back for one final fight.

Boxxer’s Ben Shalom confirmed as much: “I’ve heard that [about Pacquiao]. I’m not sure. To me, it’s probably an exhibition, really. Obviously, it would be competitive.
“It would be a great fight for Kell, to be honest, a good celebration of his career, which he deserves. But I don’t know how serious Manny is anymore.”

However, there are other alternatives if that bout does not materialize. Having fought at higher than welterweight, as per his last bout at 149lbs against Khan, taking on Liam Smith, who only moved up to super-welter for his battle with Chris Eubank Jr, would be a sensible decision for Brook.

And should Smith overcome Eubank Jr in their rematch, then that could become a possibility.

Shalom added: “I think he’d be very interested in the winner of Chris against Liam. I can’t see him fighting before June. I think it could work out well for him to take on the winner.”

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