Kell Brook Doesn’t Want Amir Khan To Give Excuses While Training

Kell Brook and Amir Khan have taken jibes at each other a while now.

And the war of words is likely to continue at least till they share the ring on February 19 in Manchester, especially after Brook’s recent statement on his British opponent.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Brook said: “He’s putting it out there that he’s negative. I want to tell Khan: The fans have been waiting for years for this fight.”

Brook, who has shared a beef with Khan for 17 years, claimed that he would turn up for their bout regardless of any injury.

“I will turn up even if I’ve got two broken hands,” he said.

Khan has taken up the services of Brian McIntyre and he’s spending his days training alongside former opponent Terence Crawford in the snow in the Colorado mountains.

Last week, Khan had said that he is suffering from pain, but he doesn’t use that as an excuse to pull out of fights.

“We all have injuries, all sportsmen and women at the elite level. I’ve got pains and injuries but I have to overcome them,” he had told Sky Sports.

Earlier, Khan’s new trainer had claimed that his boxer has what it takes to beat Brook, however, the former IBF welterweight thinks otherwise.

“After seeing what Crawford did to Kell. I believe that Amir can do the same thing,” McIntyre said.

But Brook responded: “I don’t believe so. Amir keeps banging on about his trainer and having world champions in his camp.”

“Dominic Ingle, my trainer, has known me since I was a teenager. He knows me inside-out. He knows when to push me, when not to push me when I need a rest,” he added.

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